The greater majority of companies in this industry, if not all, operate more than one website. Until a court ruling ordered the transference of all its domains to another, a single Pakistani company operated over 550 essay mills. There are three reasons why single companies operate a dozen, or tens of custom-writing websites:

  • They franchise their operations to others
  • They target different markets with each website
  • They are spamming and entrapping students

While most of those who operate different websites for the first or second reason, clearly state their affiliations, those motivated by the third reason hardly ever do. As you, the student, are very likely to have had a highly negative experience with one of their sites, they know that you will not be a repeat customer. They still want your business, though and, more often than not, secure it when you land on one of their dozens of other sites and take out their service, little knowing who they really are.

The Essayist network is comprised of several sites. These are:

As we clearly state their relationship to one another and, in essence, offer the same service through each, the question is why do why have all these sites? Because each targets a different market or consumer segment:

Thessayist. com

This is our flagship website and our first-born. Thessayist. com targets the international student market. As the website’s clients are from practically all corners of the globe, we have a number of foreign-born writers on the team. While the greater majority of our writers are Native Speakers, we deemed it appropriate to include a few who are knowledgeable about the Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, Malaysian and Singaporean (to name bit a few) on our Write Right Team. Our decision was based on our awareness of the importance of knowing the educational system which our clients are a part of if we are, indeed, to provide them with a service which is unmatched by any in terms of quality. Irrespective of nationality, however, all members of our Write Right Team possess perfect English language writing skills, have impeccable academic qualifications and, importantly, have extensive academic research experience. Thessayist. com is where international students, at all academic levels and from all academic majors, come when they want quality work which will invaluably contribute to their academic success.

UKessayist. com

This website caters exclusively to the British market, students studying in British academic system, or following a British curriculum. Let’s face it – the British system is unique. Most of our competitors assume that it is all about using British spelling or citing a handful of British sources. Considering that their writers are not British-educated and they, themselves are not British (irrespective of their claims), that is hardly surprising. As we are British and the writers who write for this website are either Brits or graduates of the UK educational system, we understand the peculiarities of the British system. We know what your professors expect and we know the standard you are competing against. UKessayist. com does not simply target the British market, it embraces it with an understanding shared by few of our competitors.

USessayist. com

This website exclusively focuses on the US market and students studying in US institutions or following an American educational curriculum. At this point, the most logical and natural question is how and why should a British company operate in the American market. The answer is not that one of the partners is American as a minority stake hardly makes us American. Instead, the answer is that the directorship of the Academic Services and Research division of our company is American and has styled this website in accordance with firsthand and lifelong experiential knowledge of the American educational system. Add to that the fact that the writers handpicked for this website have similar experiential knowledge, not to mention years of experience, and are graduates of some of the best universities in the United States… well, that says it all. We know the American system; our writers and managers are products of the American system and USessayist was created, from the bottom-up, with the American educational system in mind. If you want to raise your GPA, make it into the Deanвs Honour list or, ultimately, graduate with Honors, this is where you should come.

Aussiessayist. com

The name is a dead giveaway! Aussiessayist caters to the Australian academic market. Besides being under Australian management and directly supervised by our Australian board member and partner, Andre Nader, writers here have firsthand, experiential knowledge of the Australian academic system. The sources used will be derived from Australian journals, the language employed will be Australian English and the research project itself will be structured in accordance with Australian academic guidelines, standards and expectations. When we say we target the Australian academic market, we do not mean that we do so through marketing but by tailoring the service extended to full compliance with Aussie academic expectations.

HDessays. com

HDessays targets Honour Students, or those aspiring to achieve academic excellence. Only our top tier writers, the directors of Oxbridge Researchersв Academic Services and Research division and the companyвs Executive Director are licensed to work on orders placed through HDessays. Why? Because the work produced through this site is only High Distinction, Merit, First Class or A/A+ standard, guaranteed. The research papers, essays, dissertations, thesis and term papers produced through this website are truly distinct and adhere to the highest possible standards of academic excellence.

Lawessayist. com

This website caters to law, criminal justice and public policy students and academicians. All writers are graduates of one of these specialisations. Importantly, American customers are only ever lined up with a law/criminal justice/public policy American writer, etc. Why? The reason is as obvious as it is simple: national laws differ and hence, should we assign an American post-graduate legal researcher to a British customerвs assignment, the end result is likely to be very faulty. By placing their orders through Law Essayist, customers should know that they are in safe hands and will earn the results they want.

Dissertationist. com

Sometimes required at the undergraduate level (especially at British universities), dissertations are almost always a prerequisite to the receipt of a graduate or post-graduate degree. For most students, the research and writing of a dissertation is not only a novel experience but, a highly daunting and tremendously complex undertaking. You need help but an ordinary researcher can hardly give you the help you need. What you need is someone who has both the experience and the education required to produce a first-class dissertation which subscribes to your universityвs highest standards. You need a researcher with dissertation researching and writing experience. Dissertaionist. com provides you with that. Exclusively offering dissertations and theses, all writers have years of experience in this particular area of academic writing. Whether you attend a British, American, Australian, Canadian or international university, the researcher assigned to you will have the needed firsthand experience. If you want a perfect dissertation, this is where you should head off to.

PhDessayist. com

This website caters solely to Graduate and Post-Graduate degree students. At this level of academic study, students cannot afford to turn in anything but quality work. More importantly, all work has to be completely original or you risk expulsion from the programme. The writers authorised to receive work from this website possess the required academic qualifications and have years of graduate and post-graduate research and writing experience behind them. Significantly, all work produced through this website is thoroughly checked for plagiarism and all clients are given a plagiarism report, non-disclose (confidentiality) agreement and a no-resell contract with their finished project. If you are a graduate or post-graduate student, you can hardly entrust just about any with your work. You need a professional and this is precisely what PhDessayist. com offers you – professional PhD, MA and MSc scholars.

Capstonist. com

A Capstone project is really neither this nor that; it is not a dissertation and it is certainly not a research paper, proper. The name itself means В«crowning achievement,В» and this is precisely what it is. It is your crowing research achievement, intended to demonstrate your specialised knowledge in a particular area of study. Required for several courses, both in the United Kingdom and the United States, the primary problem with Capstone Projects is that few really understand what they are. We, at The Essayist network, however, do. All the writers assigned to this website have immediate experiential knowledge of the requirements of Capstone Projects and are specialised in their research and writing. Capstonist. com specialises in the provision of Capstone Projects and focuses on nothing else.

MDessayist. com

Yet to be launched as we are still in the process of handpicking the writers. This website will cater solely to medical, nursing, pathology and pharma students. Writers will have medical, nursing, pathology or pharma degrees and none will write or research outside their area of expertise. This website will offer one of our most specialised, complex and sensitive services and we are, accordingly, taking our time with writer selection.

Writerighteam. com

This is the administrative side of our Academic Services and Research division, used by management, admin, writers and agents.