The United Nations’ Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

The United Nationsв intention is not to interfere with the way that you, or any other global citizen, raise his/her children. В В В Its В«Childrenвs Rights and ResponsibilitiesВ» pamphlet, which is a simplified summary of its Charter on Childrenвs Rights, responds to this charge in a very concise and precise way. В This pamphlet quite clearly upholds your rights to raise your children as you see fit and, indeed, seeks to ensure that your right in this regard is not transgressed upon or violated by your government. В It, thus, states that В«governments should respect the rights and responsibilities of families to direct and guide their childrenВ» (Article 5). В Therefore, both you and the United Nations are in absolute agreement regarding your rights as a parent. В
The concept of childrenвs rights and responsibilities does not transgress upon your rights as a parent. For example, when outlining the right of children to form organizations, join organizations, have access to information or to freely express themselves, the United Nations emphasizes that these rights should be exercised under the supervision, and with the guidance of parents. В It does not, at any point, eliminate parents from the equation but relies on parents to ensure that their children are not deprived of their rights or that the exercise of these rights does not negatively impact the child in question. В This is clearly explicated in Article 13 which states that В«children have a right to get and to share information as long as the information is not damaging to them.В» В The implication here is that you have the right to limit your childвs access to information should you deem it damaging to them. В Hence, there is no attempt to interfere with the way which you raise your family as long as you are not an abusive parent.

Best interest of their children

The United Nations, however, recognizes that some parents do not have the best interest of their children in mind.  I am quite sure that you are aware of this and know that some children suffer tremendous abuse at the hands of their caregivers.  It is this group of caregivers, or parents, whose right to raise their family as they see fit which the United Nations seeks to limit.  It limits their right to the extent of separating their children from them.  I believe, however, that you would agree with the United Nations’ position and concede to the fact that abusive parents have, in fact, rescinded their rights as parents.

In ending this discussion, I would urge you to read through the United Nationsв pamphlet on В«Childrenвs Rights and Responsibilities.» В Doing so will set your mind at ease and reassure you that the Charter does not violate your rights as a parent and, indeed, upholds them.


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